prawa i obowiązki pacjenta,regulamin,regulaminu,regulaminie

You have the right to:


health services, complying with the requirements of medical knowledge and ethical standards provided by staff with appropriate qualifications, and in the case of limited standards for the provision of adequate services – the patients are entitled to the use of accurate procedure, based on medical criteria, for establishing the order of access to these services, choice of doctor of the doctors working in the hospital
3.dignity and courteous treatment by medical personnel,
4.obtain information about their health condition,
5.give consent to or refuse the specific services after obtaining relevant information,
6.respect for privacy and dignity while providing health care services,
7.full discretion about their person,
8.complete information about the proposed methods of diagnosis and treatment,
9.information about the distribution of patient rooms, doctors’ rooms, labs and other rooms, all of which the patient will use during treatment, and explanations concerning the preparation for tests and treatments
11.respect for religious beliefs and practices,
12.the possibility of registering by phone, complain of a breach of their rights,
14.personal contact, telephone contact with persons outside until the time of the operation.

The patient hospitalised in the “Jasne Błonia” Sp. z o.o. in Lodz is obliged to:


1.comply with all the recommendations and guidance of doctors, nurses and other medical staff in terms of both medical services, as well as administrative and organizational matters,
2.communicate to the medical staff full information about their condition and medicines they are taking,
3.behave benevolently other patients and hospital staff, without interfering with the work of medical staff and other patients’ peace.
4.reside in designated rooms, not leaving the building during hospitalisation without the express consent of the attending physician,
5.respect the absolute prohibition of alcohol, drug use and smoking in the hospital,
6.responsibility for the hospital’s property entrusted to the patient,
7.compliance with safety and hygiene regulations, and fire risk,
8.maintain law and order in the place of residence,
9.compliance with the rules of personal hygiene,
10.comply with the recommendations of the medical staff, in the case of the use of mobile phones,
11.transfer your  medicine to nursing staff upon receipt at the time of stay in the hospital, in order of their administration.